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The Introducer Network is all about introducing new customers to businesses and rewarding those people who make the introductions.


It has been set up so that everyone can make introductions and go on to earn a fee if it leads to business for our business partners.


We do no background checks, no references, no financial assessments on our introducers. We allow anyone to become a registered introducer – and we do not charge a fee.


Registered introducers can, if they choose to, go on and become a dedicated introducer as long as they do the required training. All the dedicated introducers do is to qualify the leads that the registered introducers provide so that our business partners just get quality business.


All we ask is that our introducers check with the person beforehand to ensure that there is a degree of interest in one of the businesses products or services before they enter that persons contact details onto our secure database.


Turn Your Everyday Introduction To Your Friends and Family Into a healthy income in 4 Easy Steps:


Register yourself and invite other to register on your dedicated portal and browse through various opportunities & see what commission you can earn.


Talk to and introduce the opportunities that your Friends, Family Members or colleagues may be interested in and submit the lead on your introducer network hub portal.

One of our sales experts will contact your leads and discuss the opportunity in more details. Your dedicated portal will update you every step of the way via online, SMS or e-mail.

Once signed up, we will update your portal  and e-mail you with the confirmation. Your commission will  then be paid to your Bank or Paypal Account shortly after the completion.

Examples of some opportunuties: Finance, Home Improvement, Health and Fitness, Pension and Investments and more.


We Welcome Everyone to join our Network whether you are looking to earn some extra cash or are ambitious to make it BIG. Click Here to Signup TODAY and Start Earning Money.

How Does it Work?

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